Scaling: enlarging or reducing the size of a group or symbol

Ok, I’m hammering away at this app, trying to figure out what the limitations are.

I’ve noticed a big issue. If we change the size of a group (or symbol) during an animation, all the components of that group or symbol do not resize uniformly.

In Flash, we simply reduce or enlarge a symbol, and that symbol, along with all its components, will resize uniformly. It’s never even an issue in Flash.

This seems impossible to do in Hype. Let’s say we have a cartoon character composed of many components (i.e.; arms, legs, eyes, mouth, etc.), and this character is supposed to be approaching us, thus getting larger; there is no way to do this in Hype without having to get into the list of components and start sizing each one of them individually.

This is obviously not workable if we’re creating lots of animated characters and/or objects with hierarchies which must enlarge or diminish during an animated sequence.

Just wondering if you’ve had any plans to resolve this issue, or if that’s even possible in html5. Or better yet, maybe you could explain to me how I’m missing something very obvious which would allow me to execute this function as I’ve described above.

If this function is not possible, this will pretty well preclude me from using Hype as an animation tool to replace Flash, sadly. I was just getting into it!

Maybe the workaround for the time being is to do most of the animation in Flash, and then export it as a movie (or a series of movies), which can then be placed into Hype, and from that point we can add any other buttons, text, etc. to create an interactive html5 document.

Never mind… it looks like I found the answer on this forum.

Someone named Daniel explained that all we need to do is hold the Command key and then we can resize a symbol with all it’s components uniformly. Doh… I should have tried that.

Anyhow, this is great. It makes all the difference. I believe I’m pretty well good to go now with using Hype as a replacement for Flash. Fingers crossed.

Sorry about the dumb question.


Hi Tony!

It is not a dumb question. The point of this Forum (IMO) is to shed light where there is dark. Often people have the same question as You but don’t realize there is a solution. Your question helps illuminate & expand other people’s awareness. Having said that, your proactive measure of searching the Forum is always a good idea.

FYI: “Someone named Daniel” is a member of Hype’s software team… aka “Team Tumult”.


Your efforts are always appreciated, oh Minister of Low_Hanging_Fruit

– Someone named Daniel

Well don’t you worry now. As I get more and more into this program, I’ll be hitting you up with much more sophisticated and challenging queries. :wink: