Scaling as a group or symbol

(bionicgraphics) #1

Hi all, Ive been using hype for a while now, and I have a client that I create a Digital Sign for that Measure 2880 pixel wide by 160 pixels high.

Im in the process of integrating a ‘Social wall feed’ in to the sign’ but in order to do this I need to double up the size of the hype document to 5760 x 320.

My question is this instead of rebuilding the original presentation from scratch is there a way I can scale the 2880x160 presentation up to fit one of the scenes in the 5670 x 320 hype doc? Keeping everything in proportion and place…

Cant seem to find a fix at the mo, and really do fancy re building the whole thing

(Mark Hunte) #2

It will not be perfect. I.e somethings you may need to set individually like font size.

But you can select a group of elements and while holding down the alt button drag resize every thing selected. This will resize from centre outward, and keep the selected elements in scale with each other.

It is not a do all as you may have to still tweak some elements and remember that layers of elements below the selection may not be selected. So you can hide any top layer elements that are covering lower elements so you can select lower elements resize.

Any elements that share the same font you can select them all and change the font of them all in one go.

You can even select any elements that need to be the same width and hight and use the inspector to be precise.

(bionicgraphics) #3

Thanks Mark, I guess I will just have to do it the long way around then! Does seem a shame theres not a simple group and scale option from left to right, as per most other animation programs, hopefully on the next re issue.

(Mark Hunte) #4

Post it as a feature request