Scaled objects (0% to > 0% don't appear in Chrome 67)

@Jonathan, I think there seems to be a problem with objects that have waypoints, z rotation and scale applied to them for google chrome on the mac. I dm’d you the project file marsopposition

Your attention to the Mars Planet that starts off from the top and scales up and down the phrase “get ready for 2018’s big event” it rotates ever so slightly and comes into kind of a 3d zooming effect if you will -“star trek - reboot” end sequence inspired. Chrome on the mac, cuts off the first part of the sequence where as Firefox, Safari and interestingly chrome on the pc is fine.

It looks like you are hitting a bug in Chrome 67 that affects scaling from 0% values:

This has been approved to be in Chrome 68. I’ve tested with the canary build and from what you are describing it looks correct to me, but if you have a second it’d be great if you could independently verify it is fixed with that version.

(a temporary workaround for this is to start the animation at 1%, and if needed you can animate in the opacity for where it should appear as 0%)

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Hi Jonathan, thanks for looking into to this. I’ve just installed canary, yes its been fixed in canary. Would you by any chance know when they’re rolling out with 68? Canary seems to be at version 69 plus and theyre still stuck on production 67x builds. Just reading through fix ticket, built 66 was fine lol :slight_smile:

did exactly what you told me to do and works great, btw, love the hype wordpress plugin here !

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Via their schedule page it will probably be July 24th, 2018.