Scalable export into webpage embed

Would someone help me with what I am doing wrong?

I follow two other forum posts, one with exporting and hosting animation with Github, two, making you Hype document scalable by adding layers as a group.

I would like my embed to be able to be placed inside a div that I specify the width/height and the hype file to scale to it, without having to export to an exact size.

Screenshot - 2022-03-17 14.50.39


any link or hypefile¿

Will post. Thank you!

I recommend unchecking the 'height' checkbox for this document. This section of our webflow documentation has more info: Embedding your HTML5 animation in Webflow

Thanks Daniel. I unchecked the height checkbox. I tried following the direction on the link you posted and still nothing. (I updated the URL above to reflect changes) Not sure what else to try. Any ideas? Maybe my hype file isn't setup properly?

Removed checkbox Height:
Screenshot - 2022-03-17 17.10.36

Webflow document structure:
Screenshot - 2022-03-17 17.11.24

Min-Height set for Embed
Screenshot - 2022-03-17 17.11.13

Thank you.

It appears to be in an element with no width:

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Great! I appreciate it.

One last thing, how come I can't set the div I have wrapping the embed width to a % width, I can only set pixels or VW? (even if I set the width on the wrappers parent)

You could use 100vw if you are going for 100% of the width.

It’s up to Webflow how they prefer to handle layouts. (You’ll have to ask them)