.sb (cache?) folders

I've search on the forums but can't find anything about this so here goes...

It seems Hype is generating folders within the same folder location as my Hype project file. These folder are labelled with the project name plus ".hype.sb-" plus a bunch of numbers and characters making me think they are cache folders.

I'm working on creating an animated book, so there are a lot of scenes and interactivity in my project and each scene has a different non-persistent symbol object.

Each of these folders contains a 'Resources' (empty) and 'Thumbnails' (containing scene thumbnails) folder. The current tally is 38 of these folders filling up the projects folder (each folder is 3MB).

What is the purpose of these folders? Can I stipulate where they can be generated to avoid them clogging up the projects folder? Can I delete them without affecting my project?

Using Hype 4.1.11 (746) Professional Edition on iMac OS Big Sur 11.6.6

Thank you :slight_smile:

Tumult will likely provide the correct answer.

But it would seem to me that these are temp folders and files that are written out doing saves behind the scenes and then copied to the proper files that you would normally work with.
There may be an issue with the later build of hype and Big-Sur where these temp files are not being purged. ( This is purely a guess )

How are you seeing these files in finder. Have you toggled show hidden files on ? ( CMD + SHFT + .

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply. Temp files makes sense. I tried toggling hidden files just to check but these are not hidden folders it seems.

I'm going to duplicate and rename my project file and then delete all but the latest of these folders for now.

It's not interfering with my workflow really but it would be good to know what is going on. I'm sure Tumult will enlighten soon.

Thank you again. :slight_smile:

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Can you post a screen shot showing the files and folder as they are in the finder..

Cropped here because I don't want to reveal the filenames, but hopefully this is enough. The top file is the project file. The rest are folders each containing a Resources and Thumbnails folder

I was hoping to see the full hierarchy, including if these files start with a period (.) which possible would help with understanding on what and where you are seeing this.


Its CMD + 2

To view as list view in finder window like this. ( CMD + 3 to get back to your view)

Would it be possible to make a dummy project and screen shot that so you are not show sensitive data.

Sorry, Mark. Hopefully this is better...

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That will probably do them.

Curious if this is on a SMB / Network drive? Do they ever get cleared on restart or when closing Hype? Is a new folder created when forcing a document save?

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When I get a clear moment I will restart as they don't clear on closing Hype. Files are on a 4TB USB drive connected to the network through Mac Time Capsule.

I've just saved my latest Hype project (by command-S in Hype) and notice that it temporarily built a .sb folder in Finder then removed it. So I'm not sure why other previous project duplicates have not removed these temporary folders.

I'll keep monitoring the Finder window when I make a Save or Duplicate.

As you’re experimenting, make sure you have backups of these files. Having files on a single drive is risky. Is there a reason why you are not editing these files locally and using the Time Capsule drive as a Time Machine backup? (It hurts to hear about folks losing their work!)

We’ve seen strange issue like this with SMB/AFP network drives. We typically recommend storing Hype documents as zip files or as backups on network drives, and not using them for daily work + saving because of the large number of files that need to be accessed frequently at a fast speed (all assets in the resource folder).

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To make a save a single computer operation, the mac typically writes files out to the side since this process takes a while, and then does a sole move operation when done to put it in the final place.

For some reason it seems they are not being moved or cleaned up properly.

I'd make sure the saves are at least working correctly -- that you have the data in the file that is the legitimate filename.

I've seen other folks with different applications also have this issue - it is relatively widely reported. It is typically a software problem, but I'm not sure on the exact cause. Probably some issue between filesystems, network protocols, and the current OS version.

Like @daniel recommended, I'd do work on a local volume and move in place to be sure if you can...

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Thank you, Daniel. The USB drive is backed up to two locations every day, one with an offline service. Because the USB drive has far more storage space that my local drive I tend to work from it directly consistently forgetting it is more efficient to work off the local drive.

I'll work off the local drive and copy onto the USB drive daily from now on.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jonathan. Seems like a broader issue then. I'll work locally using Time Machine and back up to the USB drive (which in turn also gets backed up - we are paranoid about backups now since what has now become known as the Great Purge of 2019 when our main drive failed and the offline back up service we used at the time hadn't connected to the drive for months and consequently 'mirrored' the absence).

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