Saving in different frame rates?

Hey all, new here.
I created a simple animation for an EDM and saving it as a GIF at say 12 fps. However if i want to speed this guy up, and then saving it at say 30 fps, the GIF is the same… seems to ignore the frame rate.

Am im doing something wrong? How can I adjust the speed of the GIF loop?

not in export, just shorten the timelines.
another approach would be to export a video and speed it up in a videoeditor… export to gif …

Thanks h_classen for the prompt reply.
I figured that was a way out, i just found strange that changing the frame rate wouldn’t make a change. What open source mac video editor u recommend (if you know!)

you can use iMovie to speed up and a onlinetool or hype for the gif …

or the gif-speed-changer? :