Saving and working with Hype on Ctera

We are migrating all of the files at my company onto Ctera, and we are working off it on live files as well. This works fine on all other applications save Keynote and Hype. For some reason with Hype, it is not able to have access to past versions when I try to revert. Once I save the file it actually converts the Hype package to a Directory with a data.plist file, a Resources Directory and a Thumbnails Directory.

Does anyone know why this is occurring and steps I can take to make this work properly?

cc: @jonathan

I’m not familiar with Ctera - can you not roll back a specific folder?

“.hype” documents are actually a folder - the Finder just shows them as an individual file.

Pages and Keynote used to store files this way, but now their default is a flat file. (You can actually change back via the ‘File > Advanced > Change File Type’ menu). It would not surprise me if they did this to make sharing and sync services work better!

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I end up with something like this for the Folder name

How would I open this folder in Hype now? I tried stripping the text trailing the last “.” and when I opened the file all the elements on the stage were empty.

So is the Ctera mounted as a volume in the Finder, and you’re trying to work off of it/save to it from Hype?

We have gotten reports of similar issues (I think dealing with some SMB/NTFS volumes) where working folders named similarly will be created but not deleted.

My recommendation for now is to save locally and transfer to the remote volume.

That’s totally the situation. I’ve been working locally as it seemed the safest bet. Do you have any idea what is causing it?

It is a bug in macOS related to how we save files. It doesn’t seem to happen to every server type. There’s more investigation I need to do though. My recollection was the .hype file was still correctly saved but the garbage ones got left around.

Thanks for the heads up. Ctera is via IBM, so a potentially large client base you might want to make sure it works for.

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