Save entire Hype document as Symbol

(ioserg) #1

Hi, is there a way to save an entire document with all of its scenes, timelines, animations, etc… I have a pretty large project and already tried using iframes, but the animations don’t work.
I’m thinking on having a main hype file with different symbols inside of it, maybe there’s another way to do this.


(Mark Hunte) #2


Can you give more detail of what you are actually doing, and trying to do.

And no there is no way to save to a single symbol AFAIK.

(ioserg) #3

Thanks, mainly I was trying to build several animations (using separarte Hype documents) and put them all together into one.
The way I wanted to do this was building my animations, exporting and uploading them. Then I could insert an iFrame in my main document, it works, but the animations don’t trigger “On Enter Viewpoint”, also when I hover over an object, the timeline triggered by it doesn’t load.