Save a thumbnail preview of the final animation frame

Is there any way to save or export a jpg or png of the final frame of the animation?

Not that I know of that is simple.

But if you only have a Main timeline animation, you could place a keyframe action at the start of the timeline to jump to the end time of the timeline.
Then export png sequence.

The export duration may show 0 duration, if not set it to 0.

( note you need to set the fps to 30 and above to insure you only get one frame. )

You will then only get the last frame instead of hundreds.

Last export frame

If you have other timelines including ones in symbols then the above will not work since you are bypassing them and to try and do the trick on all of them would be a bit of a waste of time where you could then just grab a playing animation from the preview and built in screen capture actions on the Mac.


Wow, that’s a really clever trick!

I’ve just been recommending people take a screenshot, heh. There’s plenty of need to capture a poster image for Hype animations, so having this built-in is of course a good feature request and on our radar.

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Brilliant !