Sample file: Triggering Keyshape animations with Hype

Hi all,

I know Hype has some great vector manipulation tools (and full SVG support possibly in future), but I've just started using Hype and Keyshape together, and thought others may be interested to see how Keyshape animations can be added to Hype.

Cheers! :beer: (63.9 KB)


Can't Tumult absorb Keyshape? Just a thought.


that's really cool possibility to improve Hype!


@Bendora i really think some @hype supported integration of this software could fill some gaps ... like importing and animating existing svg. though it already comes with this JS-API which enables a lot

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Interesting application @raphroberts . I did not know it.

Considerando que la web va a demandar y anidar más y más animación, creo que sería necesario que Hype pudiera importar archivos SVG de otras aplicaciones como Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Sketch... manteniendo las capas editables. Eso haría el trabajo mucho más fácil y convertiría a Hype en una herramienta más poderosa (si, además, pudieras deformar el SVG con una malla, eso sería genial :smiley:)

Thanks for raising this one here... I found Keyshape the other day and came over here to see if anyone had done any integration between them.

For me Keyshape seems a bit like GSAP but with a UI. Compared to Hype I do like the editing of SVGs - although nothing really seems to allow me to bring in an SVG externally and then animate the points in the SVG (eg bring in a curved line and then draw it. Like you can do in Hype... but only with things made in Hype.

I embarked on trying to figure out Blocs vs Sparkle vs Pinegrow and Hype vs GSAP vs Keyshape... trying to figure out what my toolset and usage path would be. And have finally found the answer...


Yes, I need all of them (ok, most of them) because they all do good things. And all have relative strengths. So I will end up using them in conjunction with each other - and this post is a great example of it.

@jonathan - in addition to SVGs being first class citizens in Hype, when will we be able to (never is a valid answer) zoom in/out in hype using the touchpad rather than a dropdown? :slight_smile:

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We don't make promises on features/release dates, but I can definitely say these are highly requested and the answer is not "never" :smiley: .

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Thanks... I'll take it. It is better than "never" :smiley:

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