Same buttons for swap images


I’m new here and I’m not great with coding.

I can’t find a way to do a very simple thing: I would like a same button to be able to jump on multiple frames of a timeline one at the time.
For being more precise, for instance: A scene has 3 images, I would like to be able to click on the same button for displaying image 1, then image 2 and then image 3, each time I click on it.

For now, I see it’s possible to create several actions for a same button but they are all triggered by the same click, all actions in the same time. I would like instead to trigger one action at the time: First click = 1 action, second click = action 2, and so on

Thanks for your help

you can setup a timeline that shows the expected images and then apply a continue timelineaction to the button …

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Thank you very much! That was exactly it! It works perfectly!


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