Safari on iPhone Crashes on scene change

Hey Its me again! Slowly working through my project.

Can anyone give me a clue as to why my project is crashing Safari Mobile? Too much animation? It seems to crash on scene change.

I thought it was because i may have images that are too large so i got rid of my biggest images and replaced them with rectangle elements.

I thought my mountain images were messing it up so I cut the mountains into two images instead of one. I try to debug on mobile and its a no go. I cant see whats happening.

any help is appreciated.

Alphabet Machinery Hype File

I wasn’t able to reproduce a crash on my iPhone 6; if you have a specific set of steps or phone that you’re using let me know.

You do use a lot of SVGs and symbols; this can definitely take its memory toll. You might want to try a layout-specific export export (via Advanced Export) and see if only the iPhone layout is able to run okay, in which case you could attempt to separate the files.

I will give this a try. Basically the error i get and it is very intermittent is: “A Problem has Occurred and Safari had to reload the page.”

When i go to preview this on my iPhone 6+ in Safari, I get a message stating a problem has occurred and the page must be reloaded. It happens at different times.

Yeah it’s still causing my browser to reload.