Safari, jittery animations

Animations in chrome seem to be smooth and work well, but when viewed in safari they become jittery,

has anyone else experienced this/ have a fix?

Hi Leo, you can provide an example online?

The problem was the animated stream symbol, it was far bigger than the confines of the stage. I opened it up and masked its components within a group and the problem is solved.

Hi guys,

I do have kind of the same problem. In Safari even the most easy move of an image is very jittery… Any suggestions? Would be awesome if somebody could save my ass :wink:

Here a most basic example:

Thank you guys!

the animation looks smooth to me, it could your computer/internet browser

Thanks! You are right! it works just fine on my laptop. Just the mac pro seems to have some trouble…

I am resizing the image to zoom in and its really jittery. I’m not sure how to fix this, any suggestions? Here’s the work I have so far.

enter link description here

Hi Christopher!

Have You tried using the “Scale” Height & Width instead of the “Size” Height & Width to zoom the image?

I just did a quicky using the Scale adjustment - along with an “Origin (Left)” key framing - and it ran smoothly for me (Safari 7.0.6).


Thanks, I just tried that and it made a world of difference!!

Chris Powers

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Jim… Thanks so much for this I was scratching my head trying to figure it out. You Rock!

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