Safari Cache Will Not Empty, Makes Hype Preview Almost Unuseable

Often I cannot clear the Safari History, either with many repeated attempts or even a restart.

I constantly use Hype Preview and Safari Responsive Design Modem but the problem seems to be getting worse as the months go by. No problems on Firefox, cant say for sure on the others. Safari is the one I uses the most because I think its the most used, could be wrong.

Anyone else having the same experience?

Are you using the developer menu?

No, was using the Clear History in Safari main menu.
Wow, after using the Developer Menu for two years, NEVER saw that down at the bottom of the drop down!

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Safari is the one I uses the most because I think its the most used, could be wrong.

Safari has something like a 3-4% “market share”. When it comes to usage it’s just above Opera which is at the rock bottom. Chrome and Firefox are most used.

Are you running into this issue when using the preview functionality within Hype or after exporting? Is it only certain types of assets?

(on a side note, the ‘Disable caches’ menu item was a recent source of controversy with Consumer Reports giving the new MacBook Pros a bad score)

Preview functionality within Hype. No particular types of assets. Will check exports each time from this point on to check that side of the problem. My memory is not serving me well on that question, but I think there was no problem on the export side.

One thing I have seen before; when a document is worked on for a long period of time in many iterations, as this one has because of client changes etc. there seems to be a tendency toward corruption of data. I am going to copy everything over to a new Hype file and see if the problems follow. Past experience with other documents saysl that often fixes similar issues.

I am also sequestering iCloud as much as possible because I am certain there is a problem there, I can’t help but think that iCloud interferes with more things than we realize, but thats another story.

Will let you know in a day or two.

Hmm; I doubt iCloud is related to it. Hype in the early days used to have some issues with browsers caching data, but I think we’ve sorted them out and haven’t had any other reports within years.

I realized another thing to check is if you have the Create offline application cache setting checked in the Document Inspector?

Sorry to be so long getting back on your question. I think this may have more to do with the fact that I work on my Macbook in one location and a Mini at home.

Even though my work projects and apps are contained on a USB connected SSD drive which gets moved between the two computers, it seems that there is still some issues with versioning, but not serious , I think I just been being more careful about when and where my daily work files are saved,being very aware of the time and date.

"Create offline application cache setting checked ? no, What would be the implications either way?

So to clarify it was more likely that your work was the wrong version than a caching issue?

This explicitly tells the browser to cache files :slight_smile:. It is intended so that you can open things when offline, but can also be overzealous in keeping files cached when you don’t want them to be (such as while in development)!

Yes, that seems very likely. It is not happening now. Thanks also for the clarification on the “overzealousness” The application cache was not checked, but it is good to know about it.