Safari browser border showing right white border when no controls are displayed

I have a simple video on a homepage and when I choose to not show the video controls and turn on Autoplay, there appears to be a white border on the right hand side of the video. This only shows up on Safari for Mac, not firefox or chrome browsers.

Is there something I am doing wrong and has anyone found a way to fix this?
Here is the link and you can see the white border on the right side of the video:


What version of Safari are you running? Looks correct on version 8.0.8:

Version 8.0.8 (10600.8.9)

That is really odd that you don’t see the white border line on the right side using the same version of safari.
I have tested it out on 8 different Macs in safari and they all show it.
What size display are you using?

I’m on a retina screen – that might be affecting the video.

Your scene’s background color is white. If you change that it will probably fix things up for you.

You can set that in the Scene Inspector.

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Your right! That seems to have worked. Wow, I struggled with that for hours.
Well done!