Running WebGL Inside of a Hype Scene

I am trying to do an experiment in Hype where I want to prototype 3D Viewer app user interface. What would make the prototype believable and more interactive is if I could embed a WebGL view inside of a Hype document. I want to be able to load a small 3D Model that I can spin around… Any thoughts or guidance on how to get started with this would be much appreciated. I was thinking either an HTML Element or an iFrame, maybe some Javascript.

I have little experience with web development, but that’s not a problem – I love to learn new things and have experience programming in other languages.

There are a few libraries that allow embedding a WebGL object inside of a webpage. Hype doesn’t have any built in features for 3D model viewing in this format, but here’s a good place to start your exploration: Modeling 3d glTF

I also recommend seeing what folks are sharing on Codepen in the WebGL universe: – There’s some pretty cool examples here and you can dig into the viewer code for these projects pretty easily. Also worth visiting:

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There is a discussion but it’s in the member lounge. So I’ll add the link here from there. Maybe this helps?!