Run website locally

(dizzysoundstudio) #1

Hi, I made a website in hype, with multiple pages and videos that loads into iframes. The site is working well when in a web server, but when I run it locally it has some issues. ‘window.parent’ is not working so i can’t interact with the iframes
My problem is that the client wants to copy the site files to several laptops without internet connection and use the site as a multimedia presentation.
Is there a simple way to achieve this? Either to trick the browser that files arent running locally, or maybe some javascript that loads on scene load?
I have managed to partially do this with anvil for mac, (not a windows solution yet) but I m sure it must be a simpler way to do this.
thank you

(Andrew) #2

The only way is to have each laptop have its own server running, and put the files in that. The problem you have with using it locally, is it changes the http:// to file:// hence the parent issue. There are no parents when dealing with files.

So you cannot trick the browser, as it knows where it’s getting the file for the iframe from. You can only put the application in a server environment so the conversion does not take place.

Look at the laptops, see what version of Windows they run, and how hard it would be to set up local servers.

(Peter Danckwerts) #3

Why not use WAMP – ?
or Mamp for Windows ?

(dizzysoundstudio) #4

peter, WAMP did the trick for windows!

thank you both!