Rss reader to synchronize with server update

how bout to add new feature : the rss reader to kick adobe ass down, please advice, tq…

Can you clarify what your feature request is?

Hi Daniel, sorry for my late reply, I lost the link, and take a lot of time to find this tread, talking about rss reader is like di ios apps from red bulletin from redbull, have your seen this app. They make a beautifull rss reader since they drop the beautifull offline magazine in digital. Still I can’t mapping the aim of this kind of apps, redbull have bigger priority tho this apps than the dps that I know that is really super great to indulge their customer, please advice…

Having a hard time following you. Hype is not really built to handle feeds, and we haven’t received many requests like that.

That being said, here’s one way we use RSS feeds within our documentation – it’s a quick way to show an RSS feed (complete with links) without building anything. This script pulls in recent articles from our documentation and displays them in a list by using a Google API: (2.0 KB)

The specific code we use to run this is:

<div id="blogfeed"></div>
		<script type="text/javascript">
		$(document).ready(function () {
				limit: 8,
				header: false,
				date: false,
				content: false,
				offset: 1,
				errormsg: "An error occurred. Please let us know!",
				linktarget: '_blank'

This code comes from:

Hope that helps!

Hi Daniel,

great link. Just buildt a small animated footer (1024*64 ) for our daily dps-app which collects three of our rss-feeds and will display formated full content in a webview …

Thx :smile:

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Please lead me how to convert this beatifull script become hype file, sorry newbie is my middle name

Hi Daniel,

mostly offtopic, but there a isue with google caching & updating the feed. the zazartool has nice features but can’t handle this, which results in entries not up to date + may be missing links,if those are dynamically …

So here’s my new approach which seems to work, may be it’s helpful for someone else …:

Edit: Ther’s been a mismatch in posted code. to make it easier hype (1.8 MB)

I can open it in my hype 2.0, please help…

Sry, but it’s made using the BETA. Though the scripting part is not depending on the Hypeversion …

Make sure you are updated to the latest Hype 3 Beta. Newer versions cannot open older documents (and this is the beta forum after all!).