Rotation under 1%

Made a pitch for a banner today. The minimum rotation angle is 1.
0.5 or even lower would be awesome. See this banner as an example.
I want the washing mashing to rotate less so it looks more like it’s vibrating very fast.

Thanks for the request, I’ve added this as a ‘+1’ on the issue.

If you’re familiar with writing javascript code, there is a workaround. The setElementProperty() API accepts fractional values for the rotateZ property:

var element = hypeDocument.getElementById("washingMachine");
hypeDocument.setElementProperty(element, 'rotateZ', .5);
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Thanks Jonathan. I am not very good at javascript. If you have time then please have a look at the document attached.

Thanks! (283.7 KB)

Don’t waste @jonathan’s time he needs to be working on Hype :laughing: (291.4 KB)

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Thank you mate!!

Helping users is never a waste of time, but I really appreciate you stepping up @DBear! :smile: