Rotating manual controlanimation

Visiting my favorite forum for the first time this year, I want to wish you everything on my New Year's card. Unfortunately in Dutch, an impossible language for many.
Years ago, when I used screen printing as a hobby, I created this card in "Deneba Canvas" and then printed the parts, mounted and sent the interactive card. Now I do the same thing, but digitally interactive and from the unprecedented Hype!
I like to make things that can rotate and wonder if it is also possible to control that rotation with the finger on the iPad or with a mouse on the Mac. As an example, a tool I once screen printed on PVC for my students to master certain musical notations.
I control the current digital Hype version with two arrows, but would prefer to do this directly on the object. Now after each command the session starts from the starting point and you can't move forward or backward right away.
I suspect this will be a bridge too far, but just try it.
Warm regards,

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Hi! :raising_hand_man:t2:

Easy way to do this, since it just rotates on a hinge, is to use a drag. If the drag is moved up, turn the circle counter-clockwise. If the drag is moved down, turn the circle clockwise.

The problem is that the circle goes through infinity, where as a drag to control the timeline needs a start and ending point. (I'm not sure if restarting the timeline works with dragging.)

If that doesn't work, you could just use JavaScript and math… kinda like the eyeballs in the “Looking” template…

…instead of an event based on the mouse move, maybe it could be a Hype drag event… possibly similar to the discussion here…

@h_classen solved the problem by using a drag event. I was thinking an element had to be moved around for the drag to work, but no. It works just fine with a group.

It looks like your bridge is not that far… less like the Verrazano, more like the Brooklyn Bridge. :smile:

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Just a preliminary test… (22.2 KB)

The screw can be turned by dragging up and down, but timeline is not restarting when it reaches the end. So, it seems the solution might involve a bit of coding.

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Thank you all very much for your help!
I used the screw template and after two days of experimentation, my music aid is ready:
Kind regards,


Looks good.
But I would suggest having the drag arrow vertical (up/down) since that’s the way you need to drag, rather then horizontal (left/right)

I’m actually working on a client project at the moment that has an element very similar to this.

I created it using multiple scenes with the rotating transition from one scene to the next implemented using multiple timelines.

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You are absolutely right Mark! I have since modified the arrows and have begun an even bigger project in good spirits. When I took piano lessons from my jazz teacher 60 years ago(!), he used the then famous 'Egg of Co' in the process. I recently came across the slide system again and made a mini version of it for piano and other keyboard instruments only. The original version also worked for guitar, banjo, string bass, cello, mandolin and ukulele. Hence the name "Mini Egg of Co." Might be fun for the jazz lovers in this group: Ei