Rotating a Vector Path

I have an ellipse I converted into a motion path. Originally, the ellipse was rotated 45°. When I convert to vector shape, it re-orients itself to 0°. When I use it as a motion path, I cannot rotate it. How do I set the path and then paste it so that it remains at an angle? Also, how do I set the starting point on the path, it just defaults to the top middle?

Throw it in a group and then rotate the group and you can use the "Rotation Follows Motion Path" on the group.

I gave it a try but it didn't seem to rotate the path just the object attached to it.

Was the path on the group? I was able to add a motion path to a group. That's usually what I do to get around the limitations of motion paths with certain kinds of elements.

it rotates the path ... somehow. i found that the preview and export shows a rotated path, but the editmode shows the original path. bit confusing ...

Oh yeah, that worked. Thanks! So what about starting position of the object following the path? Can I position it where I want? Seems like your animation looks like mine with the initial placement being the top middle.

I think this is one of those areas where Hype thinks of the world too much in HTML/DOM terms, and thus the rotation happens on elements and not for the path itself. There's no workarounds other than grouping to fix this, but it is a good problem for us to think about that from a design standpoint this isn't desired.

Unfortunately a bug - this is on the list to fix.

Despite how that looks, with a motion path the element is always located in the center. In fact, the UI specifically makes a note of this:

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 2.03.32 PM

I think you can probably achieve what you want with yet another group, and then adjust the actual element to be offest within that. If you choose "Rotation follows motion path" on this group then the inner element should follow as you want. Is this what you're looking for? (20.7 KB)

(Please preview in the browser as the motion path rotation looks better there)