Rotate elements on canvas

I’d like to point out a difference on rotation in Software. The one on the left is liked and the one on the right is not bad, but not wanted. :slight_smile:

The one on the left used the whole canvas to animate

Here are three different tries: (94.9 KB) (94.2 KB) (47.2 KB)

Hype applies perspective to 3D rotations; it has been a long standing request for this to be configurable. You can override through a CSS rule (in the HTML head) like:

	div {
		perspective: none !important;

Alternatively, you can also better control the perspective by making the element bounds smaller (just to the ellipse) and then putting it in a group. There will still be perspective, but it won’t be dependent on the position if you are moving the group.


Will give it a try today. Thank you for the information. A button would be nice for the team here who do not read and write the 3 basic online languages.

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