Rotate Dimmer like Buttons

Hello, there are two types of buttons, one has to be pressed first then rotate fwd and back with user input, the other a simple rotate button for both sides with user input. (dimmer buttons). I am trying to do it with timelines but can not make the buttons rotate individually, maybe a javaScript would work better?
Any help is more than welcome. (43.8 KB)

Put them on individual timelines.

If you have not done so I would suggest you have a look at the Documentation for Hype and timelines.


Here’s an old school rotary dimmer with a drag rotate. It could be automated by placing a transparent object over the right and left sides, assigning actions to them to continue/reverse and continue. For the last keyframe you can set a keyframe one frame after to serve as a backstop by forcing it to jump back to the last keyframe. You can also set a pause at the mid point.

Note that the dimmer elements and the drop shadow are set to shift brightness and contrast (281.9 KB)