Rotatable Exploded Debug view for elements ( 3d )

In Xcode there is a feature for debugging views which allows you to see an exploded view of your app.
The views are rotatable to allow you to see your objects (elements) from any angle and where and how they are layered.

standard view

Debug view examples.

I think this would be really useful in hype to be able to see the element layout this way…

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Firefox to the Rescue! They’ve hidden this feature, but there is a ‘3D View’ which gives this same overview based on the Z-index of elements. Here’s how to enable it.


Thanks @Daniel,

But it does not really work that well, it seems to pancake things rather then explode them. So it is hard to see whats stuck behind another elements. It also uses a 3d render that is fat where a wire frame would work better. Selecting through the elements is hit and miss because it is hard to tell what layer you are clicking and also were Xcode has a slider to hide layers like peeling an onion this uses - Select then hotkey x. But trying it did not hide anything?

I thing if it was a view within hype it would be easier to see the details of what is selected and visualise changes as you make them.
I am pretty sure if you think there is much need for this sort of view then you guys could do much better.


To enable it. open a webpage and inspect an element r just bring up the inspector.
Then use the settings button to check the 3D tool. Yo will then get a 3D button that when clicked wii transform the page.