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Heh, after working so hard on the “Wrapping” app, this was supposed to be an easy project in the 10-year plan. Heh, nope. The goal was to take my first book and update it. With Hype, I could finally add a scoring system. I also improved the book’s navigation to better match the theme. With a persistent symbol, the toolbar stays in place – no matter where the reader is in the story. The toolbar has navigation, score display and settings. In the settings, the font size can be changed or the theme can be changed. (Basically, there’s “Dark” mode for nighttime reading.)

There’s a sample here…

Revisions is a Sci-Fi book where you can try to make the best choices, or you can simply read straight through, it’s up to you.

Since I’m in a better mood today, and I’m not planning to go outside with all of the snow on the way, I figured I’d celebrate.


While I’m not sure if Apple will approve the iOS update for Revisions, everyone here probably has a Mac. So, do you want a free copy of the Mac version? If so, just post a reply here. If you’re shy, just send a private message. :slight_smile:

There is some legal stuff though…

  1. I only have 100 promo codes. I’m probably going to use about 5 of them right away. So, about ~95 of them are available.
  2. This is a limited time thing. The codes have an expiration date. Also, I’m not permitted to give them away less than 10 days before the deadline. So, I figure this will be a two week thing. If you want a free copy, act before March 21 or before the codes run out. (Yeah, I could have downloaded the codes one at a time, but that’s so tedious. HA HA!)
  3. Not all of the territories are available. Here’s a list… Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA :us: …so, by requesting a code, you’re saying that you’re in one of those territories.
  4. Here’s the legalese Apple wants me to send with the promo code…

Let me be the first. I’d like to have a free copy.

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I’ll be the second, if possible - Thanks Michael

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There’s only week left for the free promo code thing! :man_shrugging:t2:

And if a fourth code is available, I’ll be glad to enjoy it. Thanks Michael

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Actually, only three people here (counting you) requested a code. So, lots of codes are still left.

Well then, let me be No.# 4 requesting a free promo code thingy. :kissing_heart:

thank you, Sir !

Codes still available?, i’d love to check this out.

Unfortunately, no. The codes are no longer available for distribution. The app is not available right now either, as I’m planning to leave the App Store. I worked hard on the update for iOS, but Apple didn’t approve it. That made me quite angry.

While I’m not sure, the app might still be in appeals. So, this situation might turn around. I’m not optimistic about that though.

@Photics thats a shame to hear that your app got rejected. Can you shed any light as to what Apples reasoning was for the rejection? I plan on submitting to the app store also.

It is a pretty common occurrence that apps get rejected. Don’t get disheartened! stick it out, and hopefully you’ll get it on the app store soon.

Look forward to hearing from you.

It was a little too common for me. After four apps (in four months) and five rejections, I decided that’s enough.

That’s my problem. They weren’t very logical here. When the exact same app is on the Mac App Store, why shouldn’t an UPDATE for an iOS app be approved?! While I didn’t like the other app rejections, I could understand the logic. But this time, nope.

I’ve been increasingly disappointed with Apple lately. This might be it… not just for iOS/Mac development, but Apple in general. Hype is the only Mac program I use that doesn’t have a clear Linux equivalent.

So, I’ve been thinking what to do next. Lots of possibilities are being considered.

Looks like I won. The iOS version is now available…

I suppose that means the end of the boycott. The other apps should be available again soon.


haha, awesome to hear! grabbing my copy.

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