reverse time control and jump to a scene after

Hello everyone
I need to run scene 1 and at the end rerun the main timeline in reverse
Then jump to scene 2 but it doesn't work
This is how the animation is

I'd do more of a manual procedure here, Id actually have 3 scenes, by having first Initial animation on scene 1, then having scene 2 have the duplicated content only having the content reversed going forward in time and then having the an action to go the the next scene on scene 2. Similarly this could be achieved with Timelines vs Scenes. Question, in what scenario would this be used for?

Thank you very much Peter
I don't understand what you mean by "in what scenario would this be used for?"

This seems like a complex/uncommon behavior what are you trying create, perhaps you have an example or maybe its based on something you saw?

Hei there,
try this, it´s just two lines of code... is that, what you mean?

Regards, Kalle (16.8 KB)


Thank you Peter for your time and help

Thank you very much Kalle
It's exactly what she was looking for