Reveal object and then hide

Hey there.

I want to reveal a logo from left to right and then make it disappear but again from left to right. Using a hidden group and reveal is not a problem but when I try to close it everything starts acting weird. The object moves to the right and the box change in size and so on. Going crazy here just cant figure it out. Attached a file. (9.5 KB)

edit: not sure if i got you right and the example does also not clarify ...

you can do a forumsearch masking rigth to left. it's a known pitfall ... in the end you've got to animate the content in opposite to the maskanimation ...

Thanks but can't find any topic containing this issue. When I just drag the hidden box it works fine but as soon as I start recording it cuts, moves to the right and so on.

example (11.4 KB)

this is the maskings combined ...
if your issue is another one. perhaps showcasing a short video :slight_smile:

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Mate that is exactly it! Thank you so much!! :smiley: