Reuse navigation in multiple files

I’m making a big website in hype. I have a menu made to be sticky (with a duplicate and a function) and it has a submenu. So far so good. The problem is this site is getting too extensive and having to modify said menu and its duplicate sticky counterpart in each file multiplied for 3 layouts is becoming impossible to handle.
Using a html widget won’t do the trick here because it would overlap other content that needs to be clickable and also the sticky menu wont work. so i need to somehow import the html file with the menus and functions into each document and I had no luck so far. I’ve tried <link rel="import" etc… any help will be greatly appreciated, it’s a million files and changing the menu for each is nonsense, I will attach a document that includes the menu… thanks (853.6 KB)

Have you considered using a “persistent symbol” for the menu?

I tried, but my problem is a have a ton of documents not a ton of scenes so every time a change is made to the menu I have to edit each file’s menu.