Retina ready images in an iBooks Author Widget

I am making a widget for iBooks Author. Would someone explain how to use Retina sized image 2048 x 1496 in Hype. Would I use the 1024 x 768 preset? Thanks.

This section of our documentation shows how we handle retina images: Also, check out the ‘Image Optimization’ section here:

For your case, you would want to use the 1024x768 preset, and drop in 2048x1496 images into your scene. Hype will use your large size image for retina devices, and a scaled down image for other devices.

You may want to check out this intro post for iBooks Author Widgets: Intro to Exporting iBooks Widgets

I have a question that relates here. When a 2048x1496 size scene is used and a very small 687K JPG background file with the exact resolution is used, upon export I’m getting a huge 64MB file. What gives? I understand the Retina doubling and having two versions, but holy smokes -

That’s odd. Can you share?

I recommend using the standard 1024x768 document size. Hype will make sure that a 2X image is loaded for retina devices if you provide a large enough image. That’s only if images provided are large enough; Hype won’t create a larger image starting from a smaller one.

What might be part of the file size is the generated Default.png file for such a large document size. If you rename your .wdgt file to be a .zip file, you can then unzip it and take a peek inside.

Ok, I’ll be in class showing the students a crop of nifty stuff. What I was trying to do was optimize the background images to 2048x1496 264 ppi and use the same for image Hype to see if we could ensure proper image compression and sizing. One reason is we’re seaming scenes (page-towage) and wanted to check on any quality loss and alignment. I’ll share tomorrow. Thanks :slight_smile: