Retina images don't charge

wanted to know if there is a special trick to add @ 2x images to Hype compositions. my problem is that when I add an 2x image to the library, hype does not recognize it as retina, just like different image in relation with 1x image. any suggestions to see that I am wrong?..
thank you

i found the answer: insert “@” before 2x (name@2x.jpg)
than you

Glad you found the solution

When dragging images into Hype, if you have

image.jpg and image@2x.jpg, an image group will be created. If you drag one large image (image2.jpg) into Hype, and show it on your scene at 1/2 the size, then Hype will ensure that two version are generated: 1 for retina devices, and 1 for non retina devices.

More info here: