Restarting the main timeline after starting another timeline

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So I haven’t been using Hype much lately but I got a request from a work buddy to make a “interactive” banner of some original artwork he had made. But I’m stuck! And I can’t figure out why…

The attached hype document is simple. Piñata drops down. 3 children are “jumping” around (in a loop) Clicking the piñata makes the “batboy” hit the piñata -> piñata flies to the left out of scene. The timeline with the piñata flying out has a timeline action that should start the main timeline again but the piñata never drops down.

What I want is an infinite loop with the children doing their “jumping” without interruption. What did work was to set the timeline action to start scene: main timeline but that makes the children jump from one frame to a random frame in the timeline which looks bad. Feels like I’ve tried everything but I can’t figure this one out.

Any ideas how to get an infinite loop: Piñata drops, batboy trigger -> piñata left -> piñata drops down again (198.2 KB)

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What I would do for the kids cheering up and down, I’d convert the kids cheering animation to a symbol and have it on repeat so its a constant loop. In the example below Im using the girl silhouette animation as symbol.

Pinata (192.3 KB)

For click batboy silhouette to have the pinata drop down again use scene to go the same scene in the pinata timeline.
Pinata (190.9 KB)

What I can also recommend using scenes vs timelines just to keep things cleaner.

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