Restart GIF in Hype!

This has been bugging me for a while now! I don’t know how to get a gif to reload at -for example- a push of a button. Read the forums on some javascript workarounds but cant get anything to work! Im not a good coder so if anybody could post an explanation as a demonstration hype example I would be grateful! Thanks!

Here’s one solution: Animated GIF’s play only the first time their scene is visited


thanks for a fast reply! Its a nice little clean script that can work as a good workaround! Except that separated images in a sequence like this are larger then an animated gif compiled from the same number of images, isn’t it?
Its not a problem when the images are this small but could become one i they get bigger. Thats why I wanted to be able to import it as an animated gif. I actually came up with a similar solution without any code but discarded it because of those worries and the clutter that that number of images would do in my resource window. (: Using the native timeline system inside of Hype. I just basicly animated the display property and made it into u symbol to be more manageable. But thanks for a good solution! Love Hype! Keep it up! (77.0 KB)