Responsive Test fine in Safari Responsive mode but NOT on iPhone

Hello everyone.

We have just noticed that our responsive Design for the project: is working fine, as expected on Safari in responsive mode. However, when I load that page with any iPhone (SE or 6) it will not load the responsive layout for that screen size.

Any idea what we are doing wrong?

UPDATE: We have narrowed it down: iOS does show the correct Layout, however eventhough the layout was built with a width of 320 iOS makes it bigger and shows only 2/3 of the left. In Safari responsive mode it shows perfectly as designed. I just simply don’t get it.

I just get a black page ??!!

Uups no sorry, it just took very long to load.

But what,s the problem with it, it works on iOS an MacOS on iPAD.
Sorry, I can not check on iPhone

That page is down for me:

:wink: … yes it runs in safari on desktop or notebook. But on iOS it does not show up as expected.

strange … did you type the address?

Now it works.

I see this line in the source code:

<meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=yes, initial-scale=1.0, width=device-height" />

I recommend using Device width to set your viewport.