Responsive publishing

Is there a more detailed guide for publishing to HTML Folder?

Hi Don!

What is your reference point? The online documentation is pretty thorough.

If the online documentation is what You are referring to, what exactly is coming up short for You?

After embedding the generated html into my html page, I find my CSS style sheets need to be modified and recently I’ve lost control of the animation position on the page. It just always want to be at the top of the page no matter what mods I make to my CSS. With each new the viewport size I’ve had to adjust CSS in unexpected ways. It seems there is something beyond the Hype generated CSS that is effecting the page position.

Hi Don!

Based on your last post You are using external stylesheets (plural) - is this accurate? (The following assumes this situation.)

As no one else has responded yet - and your question is not in my realm of Hype experience (external style sheets - so far used only internal styles)… but I have one idea (maybe two).

One thing to examine: Is the “Protect from external styles” checkbox in the Documents Inspector deselected? If it is checked it may be interfering with your external styles.

The thing I don’t understand is why your embedded Hype document “always want to be at the top of the page”. Assuming You are placing it in a <div> (or something similar) lower down on the page - how is it getting out of the corral? Do You have an absolute position setting affecting things?

Would You consider putting your style sheet in the <head> of your Hype document?

If You are still getting no where would make your Hype project available for examination?

Also, please read this:

The post You might find useful is #7 from Stephen (last one currently)… though the whole thread might prove illuminating.