Responsive Parallax Navbar Logo

How to do this effect in Hype!

Can you share an example of this technique that you’ve seen somewhere? Are you hoping to see the parallax effect in response to mouse movement or from scrolling?

Hi Daniel here shipping two examples of how I would like to act the logo, and incidentally this software looks and comments.

I mention I’m a graphic designer to design web pages thanks to Hype, which is called porcierto by Tumult is not a commercial name and Hype, yes!

I only work with Adobe Photoshop, Freeway Pro and Pro Hype and is a exelentes all remote tools.

When you can look at it here too:

and give me your opinion

Good friend may the force be with you (615.0 KB)

Gracias amigo

Luis Moro

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Hi Dani, i need to replicate this in Hype this effect in the navigation bar, the big log —> small logo (transition) i have tried to replicate some code and they don’t work. i need the bar not to scroll, this is my example in my server. thank you

How about this. This should help you out.

Live Version

parallaxScroll (582.2 KB)



Excellent tested and customized file as expected.

Thanks was a big help

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Hi, puedes mirar este archivo y decirme que estoy haciendo mal pues necesitoque el footer se fije al final de cada tamaño de dispositivo.

In this link you will see the index file. html (556.2 KB)

Gracias por su apoyo

estoy no se seguro que quieres decir. Que quieres que hacer, exactamente? Tienes mucho pictures y quieres poner el ‘footer’ abajo de cada picture? o necesitas mover las fotos or cambia el tamaño?

What do you need to do? Re-size the photos or make it so you only see a photo and then scroll to see the footer?

Dbear thank you for being attentive about the issue,my problem was that i didnt fully understand how to use the set up for flexible layout, i am now advancing more in the project. if i need help with anything else i will ask you, thank you for your help.

I found this very interesting. But would it also be usable if the navigation bar were Vertical- for instance
for example like here in this
seen here .

Basically a hidden navigation bar which is animated an well and fixed in its position and if we were talking in html: all the div container would react to the animation but jump back once the navigation bar is back in its original position. ( is this even possible with hype?

I’ve tried the Parrallex Scrolling example. and im not quite happy with the results because the animation of the Navigation bar keeps jumping. (1.7 MB) here is what ive done so far. Im still new to hype… so any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advanced