Responsive Layout works in preview but not on Wordpress

Hello, thank you in advance for any insight[s]! I have been trying several things that I have found on the forum and YT channel but nothing seems to be working. The interaction that I created seems to work correctly in hype and using the preview tool. the scenes are responsive and break as they should. but when I place them in Wordpress using Divi. the responsive and breakpoints are not working?

current file: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

the OAM file, placed in a Divi code module: 2024 Redesign HP – Nurocor

thank you again for any suggestions!
Regards, Rob

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Quick note: Responsive behavior is based on page width not container width. That said haven’t looked at the file.

thanks for the heads up - I also add the url to the main post so you can see the instance.

For a quick test, I entirely eliminated the Hype document and exposed the encompassing DIV, which Divi has constrained to a fixed width of 1440px. This indicates that the issue isn't related to Hype. To resolve this, you should create a responsive container using a standard div, similar to the box I utilized. Once your container is functioning properly in a responsive manner, you can reintegrate Hype, and it should operate correctly.


Thank you! that fixed it! I am still having other issues but still trying to figure this out...

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