Responsive Layout with "OnePage navigation"

HI Guys, here is a new Responsive Template with some special features:
Single Page Site with Smooth Scrolling, Highlighted Link, and Fixed Navigation.
A single page site with smooth scrolling, and highlighted navigation links depending on which section is currently being viewed.

Special thanks to @ralphiedee2016 and @MarkHunte

Demo & download in HypeDocks (86.6 KB)


Nice, this. A rather tasty snack. :smiley:

This is very nice - you might just have solved a problem of layout for me. Do you mind if I use the javascript?

thaks @warrenao @ianben (also from @ralphiedee2016 and @MarkHunte)
you can edit the template as you want


Hi Michelangelo, have you done any work with responsive templates where buttons are used to bring text information in on a new timeline? When I have tried this, the ‘hidden’ text outside the scene is visible when the page is enlarged

hi @mikefrost sorry for the delay from my part.
I’m not sure to understand, you must edit the text through timelines?
can you provide a screenshot or an example?

I think I read another post of yours which suggests that any timelines and animation need to be in a symbol

If I needed a version of OnePage navigation with 8 sections rather than 5, would I just duplicate and rename 3 more images, duplicate and rename 3 more menus, and the same for targets?

change any internal coding in menu and target symbols? I have not dealt much with symbols.