Responsive layout in Google Ads

I am receiving more complaints from customers who upload their banners to Google Ads and then notice that the banner adopts a responsive layout. So, somehow, Google Ads cannot read the banner format. I have conducted numerous tests but have no idea how to resolve this.

In the past (2 years ago), this problem did not exist and the banners from Hype had a fixed size. However, at some point in the recent period, this issue emerged and I haven't been able to correct it.

By the way: The banners are accepted and function well in Google Ads. However, not all customers agree with this.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Does anyone have a solution?

Enclosed is a png showing a difference between GWD and Hype, standard 300x350 and Hype with Google Ads export script.

The following code is included in the banner:

Is it possible for you to attach the .zips of both? We might be able to take a look and see what differences might make Google Ads think the Hype one is incorrectly identified as Responsive.

To clarify, are they just concerned, or are they complaining about actual problems? (If so, what problems do they find with them?) (25.8 KB) (14.3 KB)

This are empty files. Starting the program, change the size and export html5 using the google ads script. And the GWD files using the publish function.

I am not sure if there is real problem in Google Ads. But i a customer explains to me that the wrong format can be in the wrong place.

I found 1 workaround, after many hours testing and comparing the zips, but that is not a real solution:

  • remove the meta ad.size line
  • add a line <meta name="GCD".... from the GWD file
  • add a line <script data-source="" ... form the GWD file
  • add a line {"version":1,.. from the GWD file
    I know this works but this is a lot of work and not okay, using a enabler.js from google in hype banners.
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Thanks for sending those along.

I can confirm what you found -- in fact nothing else I tried worked.

Best I can tell is that Google Ads is using the "gwd-admetadata" info to decide what it is labeling the ad as. It only pulls this out if you have the Enabler.js, and it only allows the Enabler.js if you have the meta GCD tag.

This tag as far as I can tell the GCD meta tag is undocumented. It is rather odd that it allows the Enabler.js, and further I entirely understand that you would not want to include this script anyhow.

No matter what, always including the ad.size meta tag results in it being labeled as "Responsive".

My best guess is this is actually a bug on their part, or a "best labeling" since the ad.size tag might not account for the ad actually being responsive?

I would guess it does not cause issues in practice, but I can't really verify this.

Have you tried contacting Google support?

(Sadly we rarely have luck with them, especially since we have no ad spend and they consider third party html5 tools unsupported...)

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I've reached out to Google customer support multiple times, but the answer always comes down to the same thing: they don't support third-party tools.

Are there no other agencies that create banners for Google Ads?