Responsive HTML5 OAM embed

Hi, I am running into an issue creating a responsive HTML5 OAM that responsively resizes in proportion.

I’ve added this script in the head:

Under Scene, I set both height and width to 100%.

Under Metrics/Flexible Layout, I have all pins and both arrows and the Scale Behavior set to Shrink.
I have Zoom Content checked as well.

If I set a Div to height:400px, the HTML5 shows up, but does not responsively rescale properly.

If I set a Div to min-height:400px, it doesn’t show up at all.

Are one of my settings off?

you may provide some file or link, but one thing i can say: my script was not made with an oam-file in mind. it should resize hypes div, but not an iFrame. so you may try some other solution …

Sure, here is a link to the page:

There are 2 of the same hype animations. One with a div that sets the height, one with a div that sets the min-height.
.html5{ height:400px; }
.html5b{ min-height:400px; }

The min-height style does not appear at all.

I’ve attached 2 screenshots, one of the Hype page, so you can see how I’ve applied a style and one of the actual page, so you can see how they appear on the back-end.

Many thx!

ok, those are div-embeds. so place my script in the headsection of your mainsite and it should change the heights of the hypedivs.

at the moment the script is not included at all in the above site.