Responsive full screen video from YouTube link [template request]

Hi Tumult Hype forum,

Does anyone have a template for a responsive full screen video? (from YouTube link)

Im trying to create a video background.

Many thanks

I'm not sure you can do it from YouTube video, since they won't autoplay? Perhaps there is a way to use the youtube API, but you'd also need to mute it, since no video will autoplay unless muted.

Also when you say "full screen" do you mean that literally (taking over the screen), or just taking over the window?

The general way to fill the browser window is to use the flexible layout system to make sure the video expands to fit in the background:

Feel free to elaborate on your needs though; there might be better guidance to give.

I was looking to create a video background for my home page, in the end I hosted the video myself and inserted the file directly into my Hype doc. thanks for your response in any case.

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For a background video I think doing it that way makes the most sense.