Responsive columns using INSTANT animation "on layout load" or with "symbol action"

hi to everyone

I made an experiment with a “fake” animation for the responsive behavior of text and images.

I created a timeline “on scene load” for each layout with “instant” animation.

IN THIS DEMO the first column is only an example with a standard animation, just to clarify the concept.
in the second scene you can see the symbol in action.

For the symbol I used an action @0.0 (987.3 KB)

Pro: using symbols you can make responsive columns without text clones.

Cons: bidirectional relationship between layouts ( not easy to manage)

  • For example, If you change the text size ( or any other feature) in the Ipad layout you must update the same key in all layouts (instant animation), Desktop and iPhone.
  • With this method the action “jump to scene” works properly only with “instand” transition.

it’s a stupid idea? I used this trick in some projects and it works :slight_smile:


Really brilliant:)


Really great way.



How did I miss this one? Well done! (Thanks @alexlii for your post.)

One of the things I like about this demo is the creative use of Hype’s versatile interface - whose full potential is often overlooked~underutilized.