Resource panel window width

Hi there,
Is there a way to have a larger resource panel, because right now I’m unable to read the full name of my documents in it and it’s quite difficult… Am I doing something wrong may be ?

You can’t enlarge it unfortunately. You can move it around by grabbing the icon but it will always be the same width.

You can place your cursor and hold it over any file name to see it’s full length after a few seconds but that’s about it.

Thanks for the reply. I sent a feature request. Have a nice day !

Hi there !
Would it be possible in a futur to increase the width of the panel resource, to be able to read full name of the files easely ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your request! I’ve made a note of this issue in our feature tracker.


Hi Tino!

Great request - especially on more complex projects where the files need to have a similar name and are long. When You have a lot of long named files the “hover & reveal” method is a pain.

If for some reason this is a problem for the UI - how about truncating the name after so many letters to allow for the last several characters to be viewed? (Like the Mac OS does now but with a few more end characters visible.)

File name:

Truncated name in Resource panel: