Resource Clean up before export

I’m working on developing several templates for a staff of designers and clients to use for advertising in a new product. One of the issues we are having is that Hype export all elements in the resource folder whether they are in the ad or not. Is there a way to purge elements without having to select each element and choose “Remove when no longer referenced”? Our templates have place holder images which are exporting with every export. Some users are not replacing the elements, which is part of the issue, but if they are using multiple images which may not be the same size, replacing options is not always a workable option.


Hi Doug!

I am addressing the template “image” issue in particular - in v3.6.1.

The new version allows multiple simultaneous selections (yahoo!).

So an idea would be to name your template items with a prefix that guarantees they will all appear in one alphabetical sequence… e.g. “tempImage01_house”, “tempImage02_magazine”, etc.

In the Resources Panel, at the top, select “Images” from the drop down menu filter.

You can then do a standard shift click at the top & bottom of the alphabetized “tempImage” list and hit delete. Should take about 5 seconds to accomplish.

Just want to clarify that this is checked by default. So if an image is deleted from Hype, it will be deleted from the resources folder unless that checkbox has been unchecked manually. I agree that prepending a searchable string as @JimScott mentions is a great way to anticipate the future purging of assets.

I think a ‘delete unused resources’ button would be useful, though!

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