Resolved: Remote HTML5 Audio won't play on iPad as web based app

(scott) #1

The audio works fine if it’s played in mobile safari but stops working after it has been saved to the home screen as a web based app. I’m using a remote mp3 as an audio source.

This use to work with no problem in previous versions of hype. Currently I’m using hype pro.



Can you share the audio code you’re using to play it in an example document?

Does the issue happen locally or just online?

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I did some digging, finding the correct search terms was the hardest part. Currently with iOS8, and this includes iOS8.2 audio and video playback fail as a stand alone web app. Also the the audio source is listed in the post above.

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So it looks like it’s all Apple’s fault… until they fix it.


Thanks for the extra detail – I’ve added this to our Known Issues category.


We have heard that this is resolved in the latest update of iOS: