Resolved: Profile Image is not showing

(Mark Hunte) #1

I am not sure if this is just my account.

But for some reason my Profile image has stopped showing and is blank.?


A file migration by our hosting provider is occurring this weekend and it should be resolved soon. Sorry!

(Greg) #3

It looks like a lot of profiles have lost their icons.

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #4

guess the ugly ones were filtered :wink:

ups, where is my icon …?!


Apologies, @DHSupport is working on this over the weekend. Very sorry for the interruption.

(Greg) #6

Not true, mine is still there!

(Mark Hunte) #7


Will stop worrying about it :see_no_evil:.


This is resolved thanks!

(Nick ) #9

I feel so alive again :wink: