Resolved: Animated GIFs not looping

For some reason When I create a GIF (and I do tick the loop playback box) it refuses to loop, it will play the sequence once and then stop.
This is the first time I’ve tried to do this since the Sierra update, Its the only thing that has changed on my computer since the last time I used hype to create a GIF.

Been chewing on this problem for 3 hours now, to no effect, so I was hoping someone else has come across this problem, and found a solution.

I would attach a file, but I’m not sure its necessary seeing as I’ve attempted to loop 5 GIFs now, all created from scratch.

don’t load the gif as a backgroundimage … a forumsearch will provide some hits on this topic

Yup – I can reproduce it. This is likely something you would hit in Sierra 10.12. Apologies! This will be fixed up in the next update.

A quick workaround is to use the convert command line tool and run this:

convert -loop 0 originalfilename.gif newfile.gif

This requires that you:

  1. Open Terminal and Install Homebrew:
  2. Run this command: brew install imagemagick
  3. Navigate to where your image is.
  4. Run the command: convert -loop 0 originalfilename.gif newfile.gif

Here’s how to do that:


Thanks for the info! working now

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I see you only have 11 days on your Hype trial in the video. I am sure we could club together and buy you a copy…


I’ve been meaning to buy it. Thankfully, @jonathan keeps extending my trial.


This has been resolved in today’s 3.5.4 update.