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When ever i export an animation to video/movie the resolution is really poor. Even objects created in Hype itself appear to have very rough edges. Overall its not as clear as i feel it should be.

What am i doing wrong? I’m creating animations from the template sizes (i.e iphone, tumblr etc) I’m also exporting at 60 fps to try and get a better resolution. But still they aren’t exporting at a decent quality.

Any help much appreciated.

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Can you share an example? The video export in Tumult Hype is not lossless – it encodes as an MP4 with a balance of quality and file size. To record more losslessly, you can use Quicktime to record a screencast using File > Record Screencast or you can use an application like Screenflow

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Also note that video exports non-retina @1x, so on a retina display will look a bit pixelated. The save panel for exporting video allows you to change the resolution, so you could double the pixels for a @2x retina output (generally zooming out to 50% to display).

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