Resizing text in liquid layout

Hi there.

So i have text boxes that scale according to the screenwidth and height.
The boxes scale perfectly. unfortunately the fontsize doesnt scale with it.
Is there a setting to make the "font size" and "line height" scale accordingly ? :slight_smile:

zoom contents in the flexible layout settings for the textox¿

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yes its "zoom contents", but also "shrink to fit" :slight_smile:

but when i use it i have the problem that it tents to get centered instead of aligned to the left side ...

What i want to achieve: -----------------------

I have multiple images with a text, the text should always have the same distance to the image, no matter what scale. The image size and the font size should resize tho ...

no matter what i tried, its either the text gets further away from the image or it overlaps with the image

maybe someone could show me :sweat_smile: (16.7 KB)

zoomcontents for the parent group and not shrink to fit, but an proportional option ... that's almost all you can do with Hype here

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Hi what!

Stuck with your basic set-up as much as I could. There are a few ways to play this... I liked this one the best: text_question (18.8 KB)

There is one minor snag, when the page is extremely tall vs. width the sides of your main containing group can get slightly clipped. Other elements on the page could possibly reduce this effect. I don't know what You have in mind.

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Hello Jim,

i cant thank you enough for you efforts. If you want some money DM me your paypal :slight_smile:

Putting the text in a group with the width of the whole symbol solved my issues :slight_smile:

Im blown away by the amount of competent help provided in this forum :slight_smile:
thank you all :heart:

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Glad to help out! :sunglasses: