Resizing complex project

So I’m working on a project that has a lot of assets and moving parts. I uploaded my progress here “earth project link” But it is currently 1000px x 1000px and I need to resize all the parts and animations that go with them as it would take me too long to resize and then realign everything.

Any suggestions?

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Hi Ryan

What about a css transform based on the media size. Something like this …

@media (max-width: 600px) and (min-width: 320px) {
	body {
		-ms-transform: scale(0.95, 0.95); /* IE 9 */
		-webkit-transform: scale(0.95, 0.95); /* Safari */
		transform: scale(0.95, 0.95);

not sure if this would work for you. It’s not ideal but at the moment there’s no resizing of groups of elements so they all have to be resized manually which takes a lot of time with large projects :wink:

There has a been a few feature requests for the ability to resize groups and symbols so hopefully in a future update … fingers crossed.


Hmm I’ve tried some css to expand the window and sizes but didn’t have much luck. I’ll try this out maybe I’ll get some good results. Thank you.

We as a company run into this issue a lot.

This will scale your document based on the width: Proportionally scaling a Tumult Hype document based on the browser width.