Resizing a whole document


For the Ipad Pro, you give a a resolution of 1366 X 1024 but when I imported my html in cordova, the .ipa it gives me is too big. I’ve made all my app with these presets since it is what you provided. Is there a way to resize all the document without having to resize all the elements?


Everything was working when I was reviewing the document through my Hype reflect application on the iPad pro


Try document scaling:

This may also help you:


Thanks again PappaSmalls. So if I put 75% percent in this scale box, when it is going to go on an iPad pro its going to fit in the window?


Still there?


It doesnt seem to work on the iPad with 75%. It just gets the image displayed smaller but not the elements in it. This is with the Hype reflect app


Do I need to had javascript with that?


You need to group all objects up and then when selecting the group, choose all the pins and and sizing that you need, then select Expand to fill or Shrink to fit. You have to play around with it to get your desired result.

Look at this for more information:


I dont get what you mean, when all the group is selected I dont get to choose anything in the menu below


scale behavior is stretched and I dont get to choose anything else


Upload your document and I’ll have a look.


I think it is too big to be loaded here do you have an email address i can send it to?


Upload it to a filesharing website like dropbox and post the link here or private message me.


Hello PapaSmalls.

Can you try with this document to make it responsive?


Hello Papa are you around?


Firstly, your outer group was about 500 time the size of your project - it should be the save width and height.

Your resizing should also be on shrink to fit or expand. You need to play around with it to get your desired result.

I’ve included the fixed hype file, and an exported version with some JS that keeps your height the same ratio as it resizes.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

(Link deletes in 7 days)


Hello Pappas. My project is for an app on the ipad pro exclusively so I choose the 1366 x 1024 preset from hype


This may sound strange but how do I download the file from file town? there is no download button on the screen


I think their website is down for maintenance.

If you want to PM me your email address I’ll send it over to you.